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Hot water circulator

As suppliers and distributors of high quality circulating pumps, Sustainable also offers solutions to these latent energy wasters. For instance, manual or automatic thermostats can be used to regulate the temperature on your circulating pump, and also to set operation times – a few hours before you get up in the mornings and before you come from work.

We also supply piping insulation from the most reputable manufacturers to lock in heat and prevent energy wastage from all solar circulating pumps and water heating systems.

Contact Lexington Plumbing Sewer and Drain for a range of energy efficient submersible and centrifugal solar circulating pumps to provide all your household’s hot water needs. This saves energy in that you don’t have to leave the tap running as you wait, it also saves water. However, the fact that the pipes are constantly hot results in energy loss, while the pump itself consumes energy.

Contact Lexington Plumbing Sewer and Drain for a range of energy efficient hot water needs.